VMS Hybrid Kiosk

VMS Hybrid Kiosk

VMS Hybrid Kiosk by Creations Global Retail is a modular kiosk collection beautifully designed to keep pace with your needs.
It’s retail transformed.
Then transformed again.
And again, … And again, …
And again, … And again, …

9 components - 19 fixtures - 4 sizes - 6 palettes

With over 24,625 configurations and reconfigurations,
every tenant can have a kiosk that suits its evolving needs and grows with the VMS.

the VMS advantage

Shopping center developers and mall owners have developed sophisticated specialty leasing divisions that annually generate millions of dollars of leasing revenue in their common areas.
For optimal success, the next generation of RMU’s and kiosks must be equally as sophisticated and meet the requirements for today’s market, as well as tomorrow’s.
Some of these needs include:
• Flexibility of floor plan layout and reusable components for greater customization
• Accommodating a variety of merchandising needs from jewelry & cosmetics to large toys
• A consistent, contemporary design aesthetic
• Quality construction with longer equipment life spans
• 100% LED, color-corrected lighting that offers cost savings and visual interest
• Complying with local fire and electrical codes
• Maintaining sight lines to permanent tenants
VMS (Visual Merchandising System) Hybrid Kiosks meet and exceed your requirements for an affordable, longterm solution.
It truly is a unique system offered by Creations Global Retail to mall developers, owners and tenants that is ready to handle today’s fast-paced retail demands.
Contact us for a sales brochure that illustrates the collection’s versatility and beauty.

VMS Hybrid Kiosk Willow Bend