Architectural Acrylic

Creations Global Retail is a leading manufacturer of custom architectural acrylic compounds and assemblies. We are unique in the use of our ultra-clear water white acrylic, which ranges in thickness from 1″ to 8″.  

Invisible (bubble-free) high strength acrylic joints are our standard.  Acrylic products include:

  • Architectural “acrylic” structural elements

  • Underwater windows

  • Large scale acrylic aquariums

  • Acrylic walls

  • Acrylic windows

  • Acrylic museum barriers

  • Acrylic projection screens

  • Acrylic stair treads

  • Luxury acrylic store displays

  • Luxury acrylic furnishings distributed by Allan Knight & Associates  

Creations Global Retail uses a wide range of materials in the design and manufacture of its retail environments. One exciting element is the use of high-end acrylic components, which deliver the beauty and manufacturing flexibility of imported Italian acrylic, without the weight and fragility of equivalent designs in glass. Acrylic architectural elements can be incorporated into any retail merchandising unit (RMU) or other retail environments.

Let the design team at Creations Global Retail illustrate the potential impact of acrylic elements for your retail vending needs.

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