LuxShop Interior

Today’s high-end shopping venues warrant the highest quality of free-standing leasing platforms, not only to maintain consistency with the cachet of the location, but also to draw customers into the luxe retail spaces. Creations Global Retail works with our clients throughout the design process to ensure the complete realization of the retail opportunity, and our engineering and manufacturing standards guarantee dependable service for years. The creation of LuxShop interiors is an investment worthy of the proven expertise of Creations Global Retail.

Our pop-up Luxury units are fabricated of 100% polished stainless steel, using real wood veneers and integrated electrical infrastructure. These units allow luxury brands to experience the common areas of upscale shopping venues. By enriching the A-list retail mix with spontaneous and discovery-based shopping, the modular units are “permanent pop-ups” that continually host new and diverse product offerings, from jewelry to confectionery, and elevate the overall mall experience.

Please Contact us to explore how Creations Global Retail can work with you to provide the Luxury Shop environments you need for your retail destination.

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