• Secondary Fixtures
  • Visual Merchandising Planograms

These are merchandising fixture elements to place on RMUs for the purpose of merchandise display.


Graphic Panels (GR)

Graphic panels are designed to hold the textual
and graphic components – brand name, etc.


Riser Adjustable (RA)

Adjustable Risers provide flexibility in the height of display


Riser Multi-tier (RM)

Multi-tier Risers provide stable, fixed levels of display


Riser Single (RS)

Single Risers provide a single additional level of display


Showcases (SC)

Showcases provide secure, locked display space


Specialty Fixtures (SF)

Specialty Fixtures provide an array of different options for the display
of specialty items, including jewelry, literature, and other items.


Slatwall Fixture (SL)

Slatwall Fixtures provide flexible support for display of
merchandise on sliding brackets or individual item packaging.


Spinners (SP)

Spinners support vending of items on rotating displays


Wire Fixtures (WR)

Wire fixtures provide display space using wire for
support of a variety of items.


Shelves (SH)

Shelves are used in conjunction with Hardware Brackets (HB)


Hardware Brackets (HB)

Hardware Brackets are designed primarily to support shelves


Hardware Faceouts (HF)

Hardware Faceouts are designed primarily to support
hangers displaying apparel

These are schemes illustrating ways that secondary fixtures can be used on RMUs for the purpose of vending various types of merchandise: For example: apparel, scarves, cosmetics, cellular phone accessories, toys, hair accessories, jewelry, ornaments, skin care products, sunglasses, & general merchandise.

Interior RMU Schemes


Exterior RMU Schemes

If you are interested in purchasing any of the Visual Display items shown, please send a note using the “Contact” page, and note “Visual Display” under the Product Type. Thank you.

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